by Pleudoniem

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released August 30, 2014



all rights reserved


Pleudoniem Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Pleudoniem is a bass player/guitarist from the Netherlands, who is involved in a variety of projects. He draws from funk, jazz, fusion and Progressive Rock.

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Track Name: I Seriously Question
Tonight we're on a show
That should end the dire straits
Of children with blown bellies
Have you heard? I'm on TV!

And when I got the news
I whatsapped all my friends
I don't know if you'll see me
But I'll wave at you

Please look me up on Facebook
And add another like
I'm sure that I'll look great
When I pass more than a hundred

Then I'll say
I will say
We should be happy
In the new year

Then I'll say
I will say
We'll be happy
In the new year

Tonight the poor are rich
The starving will be fed
And I may go to bed
Adding fifteen ticks of fame

So tell me what I'll wear?
When everyone can see me
Who knows if they might ask me
If a camera should spot me

Should I say hello to you
Or should I chant a line
That I may be remembered by
Thirty seconds later?

I'll say
We should be happy
In the new year

I'll say
We should be happy
In the new year
Track Name: Get Late
I've heard that there were forces
Playing on their pipes
Frightening off their foes,
Being razed.

But still they marched ahead
As pride ignored this matter
While all these men were shattered
To bits.

I wonder if I play that tune
The stoic and the blood
I wonder if it's killing me

I shouldn't bite the hand that feeds me
I shouldn't mock the face that mocks me
I shouldn't wince at what is said
I guess I'd better keep on working
Till I drop dead.

Downmarket hotel California
That pays me hard anemia
The pallor and the sheep
Being shorn.

I shouldn't fall asleep
The harsh distorted knell
The sound of my alarm clock
Four hours from now.
Track Name: Telling them to Mean a Thing
The anticlockwise letters
Were dripping on my feet
They sped away like motor oil
Sticky as the dust on my screen.

It was warfare on my floor
Biting steam so vehemently
Watched the black blood simmering
Felt the constant hammering

As the words went on
To point the open joints
Telling them to mean a thing
Telling them to mean a thing
Track Name: Cold Shoulder
I felt his eyes across the room
I'm sure he wasn't reading
But scouring through his magazine
And hoping to accost me

At least that's what it felt like
It was pent-up premonition
Of a man dying to speak

So I just looked away
To read of dental illness
Postered on the wall

What if I'm too polite
What if I understand
What if I fear the risk
Of a cold shoulder?

This is when I wish
I could sabotage the train
And squeeze out all the pus
That's been spat into my ear
This is when I wish
I could open up that skull
And plunge this dulling mind in
My pic of rotting teeth.

Sense came in a rumble
Like chunks of Stuka'd words
Dropping fractured algebra
Like sleet on tarmac

With other things to mind
Than Europe, greed or profiteers
The backdrops of today

I nodded back indifference
Humming back to please
A splendid piece of roleplay.
Track Name: Tinker
That's What they Call it

It's said the old is dying
Pushing out the new
Eating up our mothers,
Craving for dominion.

We howl into your ears
Splattering the drops
Onto a cloth of churnouts
As right as Richter

Smearing all our thoughts
Across a sky of sawdust
All reddened by the blues
We are ready to lick up

Eat, before it eats you!
Take, before it takes you!
See, before it burns your eyes!
Hear before the beat.

Let's reinvent ourselves
Let's tinker with our cells
My eyes are solar energy
I'll find a flaw to remedy

We know the new's been dying
The colour of the drums
The mocking of the fusileers
Keeps charging friendly fire.

At all who stand within our way
In matricidal joy of play
To decimate their kind
We'll call it progress.
Track Name: Don't Forget to Breathe
This is to myself
While I'm trying to forget
That I must be a machine
That can't erase its mind
By cramming it with
Aptitude to better
Times and light

This is to myself
While I'm trying to ignore
The biting on my tongue
To elevate a sore
Comparing what is worse
The moment or the matter
After the fight

Don't forget to breathe
Don't forget to breathe

This is to myself
While I'm trying to grey out
The picture of a cityscape
The sky of which has left
Its ever fading white
Its badly written text
Will bleed onto the next

This is to myself
I'm hoping to repair
The stitches in the canvas
The colour of the grass
That must return its green
The all removing eye
Will feed the dye
Track Name: Rubbing off the Dust
I stumbled on a Picturebook
Teen smells from an 80s look
Faces in a row
A corrollary of hope

Trying to join in
The brushed up rites and trifles
I added conversations
To be totally ignored

It's alright, because it dawned on me
They only knew a history
That showed me in the margin
And socially quite a virgin

Rubbing off the dust from
The outcome of a year
No doubt some tables'd turned
As some of us had turned some
Rubbing off the dust from
The outcome of a year
No doubt some tables'd turned
As some of us had turned some
When time forgot to matter
For a while
Time forgot to matter
For a while
Rubbing off the dust,
The engine of the time
When all the endings rhymed

A life stilled on a pinhead
Draws a shadow on a map, impaled
Where people'd left
When days had ended.

Now, returning for a word
from the faces on the steps
That still happen to be there,
and sometimes things to share

All that's changed is thirty years
The shaggy looking lad
A hit and miss around
Showed up again on Facebook
Track Name: Half a Heart
Half a Heart

I'd one hand in my pocket
It was unwilling to move, well
Possibly that finger
With nothing left to prove

I'd one eye leering off
It didn't want to care
It had become indifferent
With nothing left to share


Possibly a smile with
A glance of admonition
To cater the rendition
That I fully disagreed

I wrapped it up in fancies
And swayed around the lines
I mocked each conversation
A crossed out ending.

I've half a heart that laughs at you
Half a heart that cares for you
Half a heart that pities you
A remedy of sorts.
Half a heart
Half a heart

The slowing of the train
Speeding through a river
There's need for insulation
To wash away the rain

Polishing the surface
Recovering the rust
As colours dissapear
And soak into the mud

Her hands keep ploughing through
A quicksand of a kind
That never lets you drown
But only lets you flounder

So I just stood and watched
As I had said enough
My hands still in my pockets
Waving nor drowning
Track Name: The Wall in the Door
I fed you with a smile
As empty as the doorway
That dozed into the hallway
Filling up the shades.
As you were
Expecting me to hit against
A wall of expectations
Bouncing back the ball
As you came well prepared

Tell me, is my house still white?
Or have I left some lines?
Text is written everywhere?
Try to read it if you try
It used to be there.
Try to read it if you try
I know I used to care.

You ate a piece of mind
Unsalted and unsavoury
A sympathetic look
I pitied you, the memory

Just know it has been dead for months
You gave a fatal overdose
That rendered me a comatose
Thoughts like on TV.

Tell me, is my blood still in?
Or is it dull and dry?
And is its colour red or brown?
You might taste it if you try
It used to be there.
You might still taste it if you try
I know I used to care.
Track Name: So Familiar
A wink of recognition
And that is when I know
I'm starting to get older
Just across halfway

Yes man, I am so happy for you
Step onto that train
Now it's calling right before you
Don't make it want to leave without you
When fifteen millions cast themselves
Into fifteen clicks of fame
Into the net.
Into the net.

And that is what it sounds like
So familiar
And that is what it feels like
So familiar

You're testing my patience
But that is when I know
I'm starting to get older
Just across halfway

I know just what you mean
I held myself a fortress mind
Impenetrable and undefined
But I have cast the thought aside
It was part of growing up

But don't you rub my ears in that
I couldn't tell your soul
I read it twenty years ago
When I didn't even know you
And I had something like it.
Track Name: Water Wheel
Water Wheel

The splatter on my face
Completely uninvited
The moment made me wonder
Should I wipe my cheeks.

Reactive flare of anger
The ignorance and need
As the water might be boiling
Or is it safe to drink?

The movement of the wheel
Clapping through the stream
It swings away the heart
Diametrically apart

She feels the blades of lead
They're spinning round her finger
Carving through her flesh
As she's trying to wind down.

In rhythmical dysfunction
The blades mill through the water
Bubbles force the light
In need for desperation

An exasperated smile
Reflected in the clatter
Suspicion and the chatter
Deafening the noise